A big audi­ence this evening for Richard Stall­man at the Hyatt in Perth: a sharp divide between the suits and the t-shirts. RMS does not seem to quite gel with the ACS! In fact, David Clarke, in intro­duc­ing him, said that he had no idea that the talk would be of inter­est to so many […]

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Last night I went to an ACS talk about tele­work­ing. Against my expec­ta­tions, I actu­ally really enjoyed it. Within five min­utes the pre­sen­ter — Bevis Eng­land: a neat, friendly, almost English-sounding Kiwi — had men­tioned peak oil and the way in which bio­fuel pro­duc­tion is push­ing up food prices. The envi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits of tele­work­ing have […]

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