Another gap in posts for this blog; sorry. (Not that there’s any­one read­ing this to say sorry to, but as they say: meh.) It’s not that I haven’t been writ­ing lately, I have, but in places that the web doesn’t reach; I’ve been enjoy­ing that. But it’s four-thirty on a Thurs­day after­noon and I’m at work. […]

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Just to inter­sperse this stream of codeish posts with some­thing a lit­tle more real… I rode part of the way to work today, and then put my bicy­cle on the bus for the remain­der of the jour­ney. (An odd feel­ing, look­ing through the bus’ wind­screen and see­ing my lit­tle bike all alone out there, bob­bing […]

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From the CANC3 peo­ple: Bring your bike to Can­berra, for the ride toward a nuclear free future. The Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle (CANC3) cam­paign are arriv­ing in Can­berra. They have cycled 2,500 km from Rock­hamp­ton, Queens­land to spread the mes­sage that Aus­tralian com­mu­ni­ties don’t sup­port the nuclear indus­try.

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This is a continually-modified post in which I am plac­ing infor­ma­tion about the tools I use for my bike. Tools first, and for which parts they’re used, then parts and the tools they need in a sec­ond table. Tools Tool Size Used for Impe­r­ial Met­ric Hex wrench 0.18” 4.5mm Chain­ring bolts Span­ner 8mm Pedal reflec­tor nuts

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