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Printable WeRelate now will synchronize all ‘starting-points’ pages (i.e. any page with a <printablewerelate> element), rather than being required to have just a single page listed on the command-line. This means that a cron job just needs to call sync.php at some interval (maybe nightly? of course, at some unusual number of minutes past the […]

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Last year I wrote a little script for producing GraphViz graphs, and LaTeX books, from family history data. I’ve been tweaking it a bit now and then, and using it for my mum’s genealogical research. It works, but the more I want to do with it the more I think it needs a good […]

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I’ve just put up a little script I’ve been playing with that creates family trees from data, using GraphViz. Here’s what my tree is currently looking like (click for a clickable SVG, if you’re using a good browser):

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I forgot to mention, a few weeks ago when I set it up, that the family archives now have an online home at It’s for family only, but if that’s you then I will set up your account; just email me. I’m jolly excited about going back to Perth this summer and working on […]

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Oh weary thing! Oh listless drudgery! Oh the stupid work we make for ourselves!! Oh!… Here I sit, on a cool spring morning, with nothing at all to worry about; I am happy. So why-oh-why-oh-why should I sit down to work at some sloppy, good-for-nothing code that purports to “record, display and analyze genealogical data”?! […]

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