Urban Adven­ture in Rot­ter­dam Not that I’m bored today at work or any­thing, as you can see: not post­ing for a month, then here I am war­bling on about urban explo­ration! But then I would really rather be out chart­ing the course of a drain, or sketch­ing the rust scars on a strange unknow­able lump […]

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My brain is feel­ing pretty groggy at the moment, so excuse any point­less­ness in this post. Not that there’s ever any point to my posts, but that’s beside the point. I’m at work, almost think­ing that the afternoon’s nearly half-gone and so, well, what’s the point of doing any more work… There are, in Aus­tralia, these […]

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I have just returned from my cus­tom­ary post-lunch walk around the lake. It’s lovely, strolling through the hun­dred meters of bush that lies between the shore and the high­way — I’m not being ironic, it really is lovely. I went across the bridge (the one over the weir) and turned south, along a vehi­cle track, […]

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