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I want to help to write plugins for things. Not these full-blow, stand-alone applications with requirements and scopes that change and change and are never finalised! Far nicer to work on a small part of a bigger application, with a particular goal in mind that can — with time and work — come closer and […]

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I wish I didn’t know how to code. For a programmer, the solution to every problem is to write more code. But sometimes, all that is needed is to write proper words. To explain things and explore them through prose. Not to remove oneself to the meta-realm of trying to understand the general structure of […]

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I first used a Mac in about 1993 — a Quadra I think it might’ve been, or a Performa. I’d come from DOS and Amiga and didn’t really know anything about anything — I didn’t even know there was anything to be known. I remember hearing someone talking about Windows, and assuming they just meant […]

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I knew Kernighan and Plauger were forward-thinking, but hadn’t realised they were 22 years ahead of their time! (Oh, and for my own future reference: How to tear in Gimp.)

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I am working on a bespoke issue-tracking system at the moment (not for code issue-tracking, in case anyone thinks we’re cloning Redmine; although there certainly are overlaps…) in which each issue has a list of personnel, each of whom have a role on the issue. The task at hand is to prevent people selecting the […]

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