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I rode again this afternoon and evening on the bike path that runs down from Hampton Road to South Terrace, and was reminded of the poorly-laid new surface that has been installed on the lower part of it. It’s rough and bumpy and looks like an amature job. Why does this happen to such a […]

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Another gap in posts for this blog; sorry. (Not that there’s anyone reading this to say sorry to, but as they say: meh.) It’s not that I haven’t been writing lately, I have, but in places that the web doesn’t reach; I’ve been enjoying that. But it’s four-thirty on a Thursday afternoon and I’m at […]

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Bloggers unite. Today is blog action day, when we write about ‘the environment’ in order to ‘save it’. Oh yeah. Tom Worthington calls for less emails; but I concur with Paul Kingsnorth, and say: smash your computer and lock on to the nearest airport check-in counter! (I might say that, but I’m more inclined to […]

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Just to intersperse this stream of codeish posts with something a little more real… I rode part of the way to work today, and then put my bicycle on the bus for the remainder of the journey. (An odd feeling, looking through the bus’ windscreen and seeing my little bike all alone out there, bobbing […]

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In July 2004 I made the decision to completely stop travelling in all cars. Since then, I have refused to get in any car whatsoever (even if it’s “going there anyway” or an electric vehicle), and although my life has become more geographically limited, I have never felt such personal feedom. I am, every day, […]

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I’m writing a more in-depth article on this topic at the moment, and I’ll post it soon, but for now I just want to mention a couple of things. The team that I am part of at IBM looks after servers that are spread over two different data-centres, one just across the road from us, […]

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Every evening as I head home on the intertown, the view west from the bridge reminds me of all that I love most about Canberra. The sun setting behind Black Mountain, with the ANU tucked in amongst the trees and the lake there, all still and calm, and I wonder what more I could ask […]

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Woo hoo! Email me to find out more.

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I’ve just installed a new bottom bracket in my bicycle. It’s a Shimano UN26, 68x113mm (1mm narrower than the old one, but that’s just closed up the little gap I had anyway), and cost $40. I’m posting this just so that I don’t forget… I’ve finally figured out how to know which way to undo […]

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…I really don’t like being honked at by lone occupants of four-wheel drives! Me get off the road?! Why don’t they get off their stupid arses!?

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I’ve been walking lately. To university, to the co-op, and home again: along Sullivan’s Creek I go, sort of following the bike path and generally veering off and strolling quietly through grassy, damp, tree-lined avenues. It’s nice, as nice as anything really, these quiet moments of stillness amongst the green, and I notice the small […]

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Kingston railway station waiting room. Feeling slightly queezy from the bus, but excited also to be off with a bag, book and journal. Not that there’s much beauty in the modern transport world; the telly is on behind me, playing the most banal, hideous, daytime television — but what else is to be expected? They […]

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The following from Japan for Sustainability: During the planning stage for the construction of a new condominium, the prospective residents had a heated debate on whether or not an elevator should be installed. Some were opposed because once installed it would consume energy, which would mean carbon dioxide emissions. Others were in favor, insisting that […]

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I bought it on eBay, it arrived yesterday, and this morning we got LOTS of compost from the co-op, to take to the garden.

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Today I reinstate this weblog. I’ve shuffled files around on this server, and I’ve shuffled boxes and books around in my bedroom; it’s Spring, and time to re-organise, clear up, and start to think again. Last week I thought I was doing just so, but I wasn’t: I thought that I’d re-affirm my trust in […]

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Quote from Satish Kumar in Resurgence Issue 197

Quote from Satish Kumar in Resurgence Issue 197

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I can’t wait to get to work! I’ll avoid transport; I’ll dig the skips; I’ll code to my heart’s content (and no farther)!

I can’t wait to get to work! I’ll avoid transport; I’ll dig the skips; I’ll code to my heart’s content (and no farther)!

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