I’ve pretty much fin­ished mov­ing a set of ‘tem­plate’ Nyunga-language Wik­tionary entries into my user­space on Wik­tionary, from where they can be copied into main­space. There are a few dra­mas with dif­fer­ing character-sets between def­i­n­i­tions in some of the word lists I’ve got, so a cou­ple of let­ters are miss­ing. There’s plenty that are there […]

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It’s 2016 and it seems like a good time to attempt some new type of expla­na­tion of things. Things in gen­eral, I mean, and things inter­nety. Or, maybe not ‘expla­na­tion’ so much as form­less ram­bling. That’s eas­ier on the brain, given the amount of sleep I’ve been get­ting (i.e. sod all). I’m four days in to […]

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I’ve updated the Wik­isource val­i­dated works’ cat­e­gory browser tool to include other lan­guages. So far it’s just Ital­ian, and to some perhaps-incorrect extent French (there’s only four? that’s not right). I just need more Wik­isources to tell me the names of their val­i­dated works and root cat­e­gories, and it’ll just be a mat­ter of adding these […]

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A new Wik­isource sur­vey is being con­ducted! Dur­ing the sur­vey, you will be asked ques­tions regard­ing your per­sonal involve­ment with the Wik­isource project, your pref­er­ences regard­ing gov­er­nance and tech­nol­ogy, and your opin­ion on how a Wik­isource Con­fer­ence should be shaped. With the sup­port of Wiki­me­dia Öster­re­ich and Wiki­me­dia Italia, a Project and Event Grant pro­posal […]

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There are cur­rently two things that are annoy­ing me about Wik­isource books. These are: the inclu­sion of hyper­links (to be all 1990s about it, with using that word); and the usage of straight quo­ta­tion marks. Links I can for­give, or even actively enjoy, in non-fiction; but in fic­tion, they have no place. (So think I, any­way.) […]

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WikiTeam has released an update of the chrono­log­i­cal archive of all Wiki­me­dia Com­mons files, up to 2013. Now ~34 TB in total. Just seed one or more of these tor­rents (typ­i­cally 20–40 GB) and you’ll be like a brick in the Library of Alexan­dria (or some­thing), doing your bit for per­ma­nent preser­va­tion of this mas­sive archive. […]

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Every now and then I recap on where and what I store online. Today I do so again, while I’m rather feel­ing that there should be dis­crete and spe­cific tools for each of the things. Firstly there are the self-hosted items: Word­Press for blog­ging (where photo and file attach­ments should be cus­tomized to the exact […]

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I have fin­ished proof­read­ing Mis­ter Kimberly’s 1897 His­tory of West Aus­tralia, or at least the first twenty-one main chap­ters. I fixed up a cou­ple of hun­dred typo­graph­i­cal errors in the Wik­isource text. There really wasn’t much wrong, just small stuff. I was repeat­edly amazed at the high qual­ity of the proof­read­ing and type­set­ting of Hes­per­ian […]

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I never quite know what to upload to Wiki­me­dia Com­mons. They say it accepts files that pro­vide knowl­edge and are instruc­tional or infor­ma­tive, but that seems so broad. Can I, for exam­ple, upload the photo above? It’s just a log that I thought was inter­est­ing because it’s so worm-eaten, and so neatly cut at each […]

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This week’s Gazette has an announce­ment about Fre­o­pe­dia and the edit­ing ses­sions we’re hold­ing at the Fre­man­tle Library. (That QR code, by the way, goes to http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/home/List_of_News_and_Media/November_2012/Help_promote_your_city; the code illus­trat­ing that arti­cle is for ‘Nastco stock pho­tos’.) Relat­edly, here’s an inter­est­ing arti­cle from the Smith­son­ian Insti­tute about why it’s nice to edit Wikipedia with friends, […]

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