Addressbook Version One! (was v.0.9)

[This post was about version 0.9, but I’ve sorted out a major bug, and added Gravatars, and because my daft consecutive version numbering system was up to it, I’ve had to release Version One twenty minutes after 0.9; I didn’t see the point of writing a whole new post.]

I’ve added support for the hCard microformat; if you want this to be a fun thing, I recommend getting the Operator addon for Firefox (you’re already using Firefox, aren’t you? You should be, it’s not pants (to quote S. Fry)).

If an addressbook contact has a gravatar, it will now be displayed in both address lists.

As always, get this version from the WordPress site, and give me any feedback in the comments to this post. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Addressbook Version One! (was v.0.9)”

  1. I use OS X address book offline and sync it with my phone. Fine. But now your plugin looks like I coul even have all my contacts online. That would be fantastic, especially with my students changing emails every other month. I’d love to be able to update a contact online in class.

    Your plugin looks I could do just that but does it allow imports of, say, .vcf files? Or csv files? The thouht of entering all one’s contacts all over again, frankly, is quit depressing.

  2. Nice plugin, would be nice if you could allow users to upload a photo too though, not everyone where we use wordpress (an internally located server) has access to Gravatars…

  3. @Thomas: No, at the moment you can’t import or export, but this functionality is next on the list. (Along with comma- or tab-delimited data, I’m working on hCard import using the Operator Firefox addon, and export to well-typeset (LaTeX) printable address books.) But I’m not super-fast, and you might want to look at importing your address data using a MySQL utility like phpMyAdmin.

    @Darren: After import/export stuff, I’ll have a look at putting in a choice between using a gravatar or local photo for each contact (or maybe all contacts). It’ll probably be a matter of providing a URL for an image, rather than uploading one, so that I don’t have to duplicate WP’s upload capabilities, and because there’s nowhere to store private images. Does that approach seem reasonable?

  4. @Sam: Sounds like a good idea, then they can use a central “repository” for there ident…

  5. Just upgraded to version 1.0. I’m having problems editing addresses that already exist. I can add new ones without any problem. After I click the “Save” button from the edit screen I get “Error 404 – Not Found”. This wasn’t happening with the previous version I had installed. Did I miss something about a file needing to be in the wp-admin directory?


  6. I have a couple of fixes to the last available download for addressbook.
    1. I was having trouble with the form submit addresses and fixed that.
    2. I also added the syntax in.
    3. I added the ability to select a single contact by mysql id in by adding the id number in like so or This makes it easy to use addressbook on review sites.
    4. And finally, I added in a template mechanism and used the hcard generator as the default template. This will allow easier adjustments if somebody doesn’t like the look.

    Sam, would you like me to email this to you so you can check it out?

  7. Hi Sam,

    thanks for your work!

    Here are some notes :-)

    * The height of li.addressbook-item (10em) is too small for someone who has added a long notes text. The layout of the boxes will break (in my case, the float over the sidebar)

    * The notes text is too short, maybe tinytext should be replaced with text?

    * The format of the current box content looks pretty “strange” – see for a snapshot. It does look a kind of … unsorted or disquietingly (don’t if this the right english word), doesn’t it?

    * After editing a entry and clicking the save button, it leads me to the 404 page of my blog. I think the url is corrupt: host/wp-admin/$addressbook_basefile?page=addressbook/addressbook.php&action=edit&id=9
    Should this part ($addressbook_basefile) be correct?


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