Bookpress, free to a good home

I built this press in 2003 out of pine salvaged from bed frames that were being thrown out by University House at the ANU. I’ve barely used it since, and the time has come to admit that I’m never going to be the small-time bookbinder fellow that I perhaps at some point thought I might be.

So, hopefully, this will end up being of some use to the WA Craft Bookbinders Guild.

2 thoughts on “Bookpress, free to a good home”

  1. Hello Sam,
    I came across your address book plug in for word press and see it has not been updated in over two years. I was wondering if you would be ok, with myself using it as a base for my own custom address book?

  2. Yes, I’ve rather let that one slide by the wayside! Go for it; it’s all yours (naturally; that’s the thing about GPL!). If you would like to take over maintenance of the plugin itself (i.e. rather than fork it), let me know.

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