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Returning (again) to WordPress March 20th, 2017, 10AM

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Every few years I try to move my blog away from WordPress. I tried again earlier this year, but here I am back in WordPress before even a month has gone by! Basically, nothing is as conducive to writing for the web.

I love MediaWiki (which is what I shifted to this time; last time around it was Dokuwiki and for a brief period last year it was a wrapper for Pandoc that I’m calling markdownsite; there have been other systems too) but wikis really are general-purpose co-writing platforms, best for multiple users working on text that needs to be revised forever. Not random mutterings of that no one will ever read, let alone particularly need to edit on an on-going basis.

So WordPress it is, and it’s leading me to consider the various ‘streams’ of words that I use daily: email, photography, journal, calendar, and blog (I’ll not get into the horrendous topic of chat platforms). In the context of those streams, WordPress excels. So I’ll try it again, I think.

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  1. I hear you. I contemplate moving off WordPress for several sites but keep baulking; for all my complaints with WordPress and PHP, the application works well and is well supported.

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