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November 2020

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    I seem to be building a blogging system here that's interspersing blog posts, status updates, photos, and files all together in one timeline. That was my intention of course, but at some point I'm going to have to figure out good ways to create separate streams of things. I'd been thinking that this could be done just with tags, and I think that's probably central to it, but there needs to be some better layouts for different tag results I think. I'm going to start, at least, with a timeline navigation sidebar (sort of akin to Flickr's 'camera roll' page, I guess).

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    Lovely morning for heading into Perth for FOSS4G SotM!

    I've not slept well, but my body thinks that that's perfectly normal for a conference because I'm usually completely jet-lagged. I hope they have some of those nice tanks of conference coffee!

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    The new version of Wikisource Export has been released. The main user-facing improvement is a wider selection of fonts, but there's been lots of work done on the back end (we migrated it to Symfony).

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    Maybe KDE isn't that great. I've swapped a bunch of non-working things for different non-working things. On balance, I think I prefer this set, but it's not all simple! Still, I've got the Wikimedia Commons picture of the day as my desktop, so that's nice.

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    I have returned to using KDE, and it's wonderful! I can't remember why I switched to Ubuntu, but this is reminding me of my first years with Linux and it's terrific. (I was prompted to switch today because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to properly remap keys and have the config stick – this bug: – and everything is just so much more configurable in KDE.)

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    The rain continues, even back in Perth. It's good coding weather.

    I'm trying to upload photos from Yallingup, but predictably feel like fixing some of the metadata handling first, and so might not get anything uploaded today. I do like the new system though, and am looking forward to having a better way to copy select photos to Commons.

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