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January 2021

  1. A friendly, casual social meetup for anyone in the extended Perth mapping community.

    Not just for professionals! Students and hobbyists too… if you have any interest in geo, come along, meet up with old friends, and make new ones.

    All are welcome… spread the word and share this invite!

    At Market Grounds from 5–8PM.

  2. Julia Denton-Barker
  3. How have I only just found out about rclone and it’s ability to do everything I want with Digital Ocean spaces?!

  4. Someone has grabbed an old domain that I used to host. I don’t really mind of course, I’ve not renewed it for ages, but there’s a slight feeling of having let a good thing go!

    It was, and when I was involved with the Fremantle Society we had an idea to set up a “civic wiki”. It never really went anywhere. I’ve still got the data though; I have thought about putting it online at

    I found about it being online again thanks to UptimeRobot, who helpfully told me it’d been down for 8894 hours, 8 minutes and 59 seconds.

  5. I’m back in Perth now, where it’s a lot hotter than the south coast but also has far fewer march flies. The xmas break is over, and work recommences at 7 tomorrow morning. I think I can remember what it is that I do for a living…

  6. It’s obviously the meaning of online writing, the blogiverse, and everything (because of the issue number: ) — so I’ve added support for “syndications” to Twyne. Each post can have a list of URLS (with labels) at which the post is duplicated. This is the first stage to making Twitter and Flickr imports work, so that each post can point back to where it came from (although, the import process will switch things around and pretend that the posts originate on my own site, even though that’s not stricktly the case). Hopefully this will work.