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February 2021

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    I can’t believe I’m finally working on a functional photo album system for myself. I think I wanted this in about 2003, but everyone said you shouldn’t build your own thing because it’ll just be crappier than whatever existing open source application that already exists, and it’d be better to work on integrating the missing features into the mainstream tools.

    But sod that. I don’t think anyone else wants what I want, or if they do they’re not so worried about silly little things (like storing photo times in UTC so they’re properly ordered; as far as I can see, all photo album software just takes the Exif datetime and uses that). So I’m going to carry on building my own thing, and enjoying the satisfaction of making it just so.

    Sorry Piwigo, and MediaWiki, and WordPress…

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    The file that is attached to this post.

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    So now this blog has a system of posting and tagging and locations and photos and so on, it should be possible to a) walk; b) write; and c) take photos, without spending a great deal of time thinking about a better system of doing all that. I say it should be possible, because I’m yet to actually see that happen.

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    I’m in the process of importing all my Flickr photos to this site. It’s a long-winded sort of thing, getting the import process correct, but I think it’s all working now. About three thousand done so far. It’s great to be weeding out the duplicates (and even matching them to their Flickr IDs). It’s also marshalling all the tags and album names here, and the next step with those will be to associate (the relevant ones) to Wikidata items and then display some sort of infobox-type thing on the tag pages here, as well as marking up their pages with something like <span itemscope itemtype=""><meta itemprop="url" content=" "><a href="/T323" rel="tag" itemprop="sameAs">Douglas Adams</a></span>.

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    I thought it’d be a simple matter to update SVG Translate’s i18n messages, but no of course if I’ve not touched a thing for a few months it’s going to break. Not that I’ve changed anything, of course, but the gremlins must have…

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    Good overview of indieweb things.

    (If I’d implemented webmentions this reply might be useful; as it is, I think no one shall ever see it!)

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    There’s an indieweb meeup this morning, and I’d thought I’d go to it and maybe talk about the vagaries of syndication links in posts (because that’s been confusing me), but actually before that I wanted to finish importing my entire Flickr collection to this site — and that’s taking longer than I thought it would. I’ve built the same Flickr importer about three times now, for Piwigo, MediaWiki, and a generic backup tool, but this fourth time is different enough. I’ll get it done soon though, and so maybe I’ll go to the next meetup.

    Of course, ideally, I’d be able to write about what I’m working on here, and for it to be syndicated into the other feeds etc. — but I’ve got more work to do here first, and so keep putting off the actual writing.

    In fact, the old truth is rearing its head again: that it’s probably not a good idea to write one’s own blogging software! I’m ignoring that still though, and having fun.

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    The file that is attached to this post.

    Smoke from the 2021 Wooroloo bushfire.