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May 2021

  1. By Wouter Groeneveld .


    The IndieWeb community sometimes forgets that the community mostly consists of tech enthusiasts who know how to program and configure stuff, while many bloggers just want a way to interact with other blogs. They discover the Webmention system, read somewhere it’s a contemporary and maybe better alternative to Pingbacks (although I contested that), and just want to “make use” of it, without losing hours and hours of fiddling with scary code.


  2. By ABC Pilbara (Susan Standen and Laura Birch).

    The historic Holy Trinity Church in Roebourne — transformed last year after decades of neglect — turned 125 this week, with more than 50 people attending celebrations to mark the milestone.

    Some travelled more than 1,600 kilometres to celebrate the anniversary of the church, which is the oldest in north-west WA.

    Past Reverend of Wickham Richard Goskem said the historic building was almost lost in 2013 during Cyclone Christine.

    “The roof was removed, the porch was demolished,” Mr Goskem said.

    “The salt leaching out of the mortar had rusted all the stained glass windows.”

    He said the community knew that if it wanted to see the historic building be part of the present it “had to get busy”.

  3. By .

    I’ve finally got the Twyne CLI client working, and it’s churning away uploading all of my past photographic archives (from Piwigo at the moment, 90 GB). The work for this has mostly been done before now, but I didn’t get back to it to actually tidy it up and set it running. Hopefully this will set me off further down the path of actually having everything a) in one place, b) organised, c) backed up, and d) actually useful.

    I’m not sure if I’ll tackle the export-to-Commons feature next, or sort out some of the UI bugs that are annoying me (like being able to zoom in on a photo). At the moment, I’m just poking through old photos and randomly fixing up metadata where I can; certainly there’s some UI tweaks that will help with that process.