Sam Wilson's Website

September 2021

  1. The thunder has been thundering all morning here, and now the rain has come, making for a nice Sunday morning of good coffee and some code that’s making sense. It always feels better when the code makes sense. When it stops making sense (in about an hour, I suspect), I’ll return to cutting mortises.

    I’m adding a system of redirects to Twyne, so that Tags can be merged and their old IDs redirected to the new IDs, and Posts deleted and a correct 410 Gone response returned. I’ll also add a 404 log thing, so that a site admin can keep track of what URLs are missed by users, and if appropriate redirect them to a new page (good if a domain has been migrated from a different CMS).

  2. I’m getting better at cutting the short rips for tenons. I clamp the piece vertically, and line it up in the vise with the square, then do the two long rips. They’re sometimes annoying, and I’m not very good at going straight still. But then, without moving the piece, I turn 90° and cut the short rips, without marking anything or doing anything other than a) getting my eye over the top of the saw and b) looking down below the vise at where the other end of the piece is — that latter is a new trick for me, and it’s amazing how much easier it is to get aligned that way. Then, it’s just a matter of cutting down, quite quickly. It works pretty well and repeatably, although I’m still not very good at stopping at the right point: I keep either going too far (rarely) or (more commonly) not far enough, so when it comes to cutting the cheeks off I have to saw sideways a bit.

    I’ll do another eight, and see how things improve.

    Incidentally, the Woodworking vises category on Commons needs more photos!

  3. It’s Monday morning and I’m spelunking through OOUI code looking for some particular things to help fit OOUI into jQuery UI — it’s sort of working, and things feel like they might end up working alright. It’s fun working on old bits and bringing them up to date (although, perhaps next year this new code will be rewritten in Vue, I’m not sure). This is for the insert-link dialog in WikiEditor, a thing that I find myself using pretty often. It’s never felt as good as the link-inserter in Dokuwiki, although I can’t now remember why I think that, it’s been years since I touched Dokuwiki. Maybe not being restricted to prefix searching was part of it (did Dokuwiki search on any subpage prefix as well?).