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Karrakatta Café

It’s a beautiful day here, for day 3 of Wikimania. I’m sitting outside the cemetery cafe, working on the extsjsonuploader tool:

Yesterday I deployed the new thing that creates a JSON file of the same extension.json data, which means a version-checking thing for mwcli will be possible now (e.g. mwcli extensions:outdated --wiki foo to show a list of current and available versions of extensions for any wiki).

I was just wondering why there are lots of old people coming and going from here, but I guess it’s just that it’s Monday morning and most people have work to do. I feel rather blessed to be able to work from wherever I can sit in the shade.

This café is on OpenStreetMap, but there aren’t enough details, so I’ll fix that up in a minute. There’s a huge amount of other mapping to do around here too, but I think that’s going to have to wait for another day. I’ve got a bunch of family graves that I want to get photos of too:

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Location: -31.96887°, 115.79667°