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Overland support for Twyne

Sometimes, being a programmer feels like it just means that I spend my spare time building software for my own purposes, with some idea that each is a necessary step towards doing what I actually want to get done. Of course, the lie of this is that I like writing code, and so the fact that every problem looks like it needs more code is quite natural. I find that it can be stressful when I don’t acknowledge this (i.e. working on something because it’s a stepping-stone towards the “actual work”), but when I give up and just work on the code because it’s fun in itself then it feels calm and easy! It also might be useful… but it might not be, and that’s okay too.

Last night I was working on adding location-tracking to my website, so I can upload photos and have the website suggest approximate locations for them. I just went out for a coffee, and now have a nice track of where I went. There’s probably a downside to storing hundreds of thousands of points, but (oh well) at least it’s entertaining me…

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