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"Listen to this podcast before it's even been produced!"

I keep being very confused by the BBC’s announcements about this new podcast system. They say things like “you can hear the News Quiz 28 days before anyone else!”, which sounds very exciting, and as much as I would like to hear a satirical take on the news of next month, what they mean is that you won’t be able to hear the News Quiz for 28 days unless you install the iPlayer app.

In general though, the whole thing sounds pretty terrible and like another step in the direction away from open standards (RSS has been, for the last nearly 20 years, been the technological basis for podcasting, and it’s delightfully simple). These days, it seems that we’re just going to end up with half a dozen enormous and incompatible corporate systems, much like TV streaming services. The BBC is surely one organisation that could’ve fought against this.

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