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A blog as a duck

I used to enjoy the process of documenting my software development work. It was fun to slow down a bit, and write down each problem as it came up, and work through each till it was fixed. Now feels like there’s never enough time for that! Which is silly, for two reasons: mostly, of course there’s time! And also, slowing down and explaining to the world (or no-one, given the numbers of hits that my website website gets) what the issue is is a terrific way to debug and solve a problem. Rubber Duck Debugging, they call it (because it’s good to talk to a rubber duck in the bath; it’s a Sesame Street reference, I think).

There’s probably something about learning new technologies that makes it more satisfying to document the process, as well. When learning something, I like to take lots of notes, and I almost always think I’ll come back and write them up properly and put them on my website… but I very rarely do so. It’s much better to put them online as they’re written, and to never increase the backlog of things to come back to.

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