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KOReader for my Kobo

I finally installed Koreader!

Here’s some notes of what I did:

Downloaded from and extracted to the root of the device.

Add the following to .kobo/Kobo/Kobo eReader.conf:


Restarted, and it ended up back in the normal system. Oh, I didn’t follow the instructions… try again with downloading from that forum post, and extracting that to the root. Unmounted the device, and it did much more flashing and gurgling this time. When it restarted, there was a new Koreader item in the main menu! Wonderful.

To enable OPDS, go to the search menu (the magnifying glass icon) and down to “OPDS”. Then add a catalogue URL. Wikisource is — unfortunately, it seems the only way to get it in there is to type it in by hand, and I kept making mistakes. I tried three times before I realised that it was possible to long-press on a catalogue name to get to an edit dialogue.

Then, I had access to 45 pages of Wikisource’s works. Unfortunately, they’re in alphabetical order by title so it’s a bit weird to browse them in this way. But, still, it’s a terrific start and much easier than copying epubs from my laptop.

All in all, Koreader seems much much faster, and has many more features… and why didn’t I do this ages ago?!

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