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Where and when a post is written

I have this idea that if my photo albums are connected to my GPS tracks, then for the many thousands of photos I’ve got that don’t have locations I’ll be able to get likely locations based on their temporal proximity to others that do have known locations. No, hang on, that’s doable without the tracks even… but whatever, it’s still nice to have all in the same database because then I can get exact locations! Or something. (Possibly I just like stuffing around with code.)

I’m just excited to have Twyne working again, after spending most of this year feeling like it’s all too hard. The GPS/time thing that I am interested in getting working is the one where I can give a location to a post, and it’ll tell me what the local time is for the post. Because post times are all in UTC, but I want to display their times in whatever local timezone they were written in, it’s necessary to convert a combination of date/time and coordinates into a UTC offset. It seems that the easiest way to do that might be with Overpass, because timezone relations are all in OSM now. If I knew anything about what I’m talking about, there might well be an easier way. But I’m a programmer, not someone who knows stuff.

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