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Using {{SITENAME}} in messages

In two places yesterday I noticed MediaWiki wikis with slightly odd phrasing relating to their site names:

  • under the login form a button that says “Join Join the Fediverse” (message userlogin-joinproject) which has a repeated word; and
  • in the sidebar of Vector-2022 a box with “On this Example Inc. the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title.” (message vector-language-redirect-to-top) which makes the assumption that there are more wikis with this name (which is true for wiki-per-language setups such as Wikipedia).

There are many other uses of the site name in messages, and of course any wiki with a site name that makes these messages sound funny should probably be overriding the messages locally (as we did on the WMAU wiki where ‘Join Wikimedia Australia’ has a different meaning to ‘Create an account’).

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