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Seven sisters newspaper clipping

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From probably the Sunday Times, 14 December 1997.

Perth's society at the turn of the century had few groups more striking and influential than the seven daughters of George Walpole and Rose Ellen Leake. Leake served as attorney-general in the WA government and several of his daughters married into the legal profession. This 1904 photograph is historic in that it records only the second meeting of the seven as adults—and was the last occasion in which all were together. The sisters are, back row from left, Blanche Edith Kelsall, Jane Emily Adam, Jessie Ellen Skinner, Sarah Constance Lodge. Front, from left: Lady (Amy Katherine) Parker, Mary Susannah Parry, and Rose Louise Clifton. Battye Library 4055B/3. FAR LEFT: George Walpole Leake. Battye library 1104P. LEFT: Rose Ellen Leake. Battye Library 806B.

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