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T11: Swan River

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q1137387: Swan Riverriver in Perth, Western Australia
instance of
  • river
Commons category
  • Swan River, Western Australia
coordinate location
  • 115.91611111111°, -31.947222222222°
  • 116.07472222222°, -31.733611111111°
  • 115.735°, -32.054444444444°
mouth of the watercourse
  • Indian Ocean
  • Australia
located in the administrative territorial entity
  • Western Australia
topic's main category
  • Category:Swan River (Western Australia)
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bodies of water basin category
  • [No label]
  • Helena River
  • Canning River
  • Avon River
  • Jane Brook
  • Ellen Brook
  • Blackadder Creek
  • Bennett Brook
  • Susannah Brook
  • Claise Brook
  • +360
watershed area
  • +141000
drainage basin
  • Swan River Basin
route map
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basin country
  • Western Australia
category for maps
  • Category:Maps of Swan River, Western Australia
described by source
  • Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1926โ€“1947)

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    The northern, Perth, side.

    <a href=",_northern_corner.jpg" rel="noreferrer nofollow">,_northerโ€ฆ</a>

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    One of five oxygenation devices in the Swan River.

    "Five oxygenation plants are managed and operated by Department of Water in partnership with the Swan River Trust, two on the upper Swan at Guildford and Caversham, and three on the Canning River above the Kent St weir at Bacon St, Camsell Way and Nicholson Rd.These locations experience hypoxia for an extended period of the year owing to the oxygen demand of the ecosystem exceeding the natural rate of oxygen replenishment achieved through the processes of wind mixing, diffusion and photosynthesis." From <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow">โ€ฆ</a>

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