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  1. It seems to be Thursday morning again. The list of things for the week doesn’t seem to be any shorter, but there’s only one day of proper-work left! (Tomorrow begins the Wikimedia Hackathon.)

    The dramas I’ve been having with my rear gear shifting have been resolved, so at least that’s good news. It seems my gut feeling was right: it felt like there was something preventing the derailleur from springing outwards, but I couldn’t figure it out. I lubed all cable sheaths, cleaned springs, pulled everything apart and put it back together clean and lubricated. But I’d underestimated the simplicity of the shifters (Microshift BS-A09 I think they are), and hadn’t realised that it’s actually perfectly correct to just loosen the bolt a bit. This frees up the mechanism, and allows the derailleur full control. Everything is nice again now.

  2. The file that is attached to this post.

    The ‘Cycle shed’ at Exford youth hostel.

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