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T1485: Busselton

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q642631: Busseltoncity in the South West region of Western Australia
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  • Busselton, Western Australia
  • Australia
coordinate location
  • 115.34583333333°, -33.647777777778°
located in the administrative territorial entity
  • Western Australia
  • City of Busselton
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  • Category:Busselton
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instance of
  • city
twinned administrative body
  • Sugito
elevation above sea level
  • +4
postal code
  • 6280
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category for people born here
  • [No label]
category of associated people
  • Category:People from Busselton
  • +25329
  • +27233
  • +1832-00-00T00:00:00Z
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part of
  • South West

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  1. The file that is attached to this post.

    The emergency entrance to the old Busselton hospital that (I think) was replaced in 2014. The geo-location of this photo is approximate.

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  2. The file that is attached to this post.

    Prospect Villa

    Built 1855 by James Chapman, a pioneer of the Busselton District

    Classified by National Trust of W.A.

  3. The file that is attached to this post.

    The stairs inside Prospect Villa, with a photo of the villa on the landing above.

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