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T150: importing

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    I’m still importing Flickr photos. Nearly done! It’s great watching the import coming in and seeing all the duplicates being found (and not imported twice). It’s one of the most annoying things about Flickr, that they let you upload the exact file twice and provide no API access to determine if something already exists. I’ve attempted to hack something together with checksum:sha1=blah machine tags, but the tag search system has some great annoyances (mostly lag, I think) that makes this less than great. It’ll be nice to not have to deal with any of that in the future.

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    I’m in the process of importing all my Flickr photos to this site. It’s a long-winded sort of thing, getting the import process correct, but I think it’s all working now. About three thousand done so far. It’s great to be weeding out the duplicates (and even matching them to their Flickr IDs). It’s also marshalling all the tags and album names here, and the next step with those will be to associate (the relevant ones) to Wikidata items and then display some sort of infobox-type thing on the tag pages here, as well as marking up their pages with something like <span itemscope itemtype=""><meta itemprop="url" content=" "><a href="/T323" rel="tag" itemprop="sameAs">Douglas Adams</a></span>.

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    There’s an indieweb meeup this morning, and I’d thought I’d go to it and maybe talk about the vagaries of syndication links in posts (because that’s been confusing me), but actually before that I wanted to finish importing my entire Flickr collection to this site — and that’s taking longer than I thought it would. I’ve built the same Flickr importer about three times now, for Piwigo, MediaWiki, and a generic backup tool, but this fourth time is different enough. I’ll get it done soon though, and so maybe I’ll go to the next meetup.

    Of course, ideally, I’d be able to write about what I’m working on here, and for it to be syndicated into the other feeds etc. — but I’ve got more work to do here first, and so keep putting off the actual writing.

    In fact, the old truth is rearing its head again: that it’s probably not a good idea to write one’s own blogging software! I’m ignoring that still though, and having fun.