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  1. I added a newly-scanned photo to ArchivesWiki yesterday, and none of its images were loading (via InstantCommons). I think I was probably a bit tired, because I immediately assumed that I’m a crap sysadmin who has no business trying to run a wiki.

    Coming back to it this morning, it turns out that it was some transient issue with retrieving info from Commons, and it’s now resolved and everything’s working normally again. Like it has for a decade or so. I’ll guess I’ll put off Giving Up till tomorrow.

  2. I’ve been attempting to add links from ArchivesWiki to WikiTree and FamilySearch, as the two biggest “unified family tree” sites. I prefer the former, as it’s at least somewhat an open community-driven site (although it’s actually privately owned and not open-source), but it seems good to have as many links between datasets as possible. My main idea is to try to notify other researchers of the information that I’m putting online; that’s had reasonable success so far, but I’d like to try to do more of it.

  3. The auDA is changing the rules about who’s allowed to have a domain name, and forcing everyone to register an association if they want to keep their domain. I’ve had for over a decade, and have used it for my email address for lots of that time. So I must admit to being a bit annoyed! If it wasn’t for the fact that I have one of these domain names, I’d probably be pretty supportive of the move — I like the idea that domain names are for different purposes (for example, I love the fact that Australians can have personal domain names).

    So, I’m going to register something called “ArchivesWiki Inc.” and see if I can keep the name!