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T2045: my bicycle (Fuji Tourer)


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  1. Today I repacked the bearings in my front wheel. They were not completely dry, but I feel bad that I left them this long! It’s been a few years.

    I’m trying to build a list of all tools I need to work on this bike, so now I add the following: 13 mm cone spanner; adjustable spanner; and a bit of bent wire to hook bearings out with. Also some grease and a few clean rags.

    Thought I might want a magnetic pick, and tweezers, but actually it was fine without. I used to replace the balls whenever I did the bearings, but I’ve since read that that’s overkill, and certainly they looked fine on close inspection. Far better than the cones and cups anyway, which had some small pitting in a couple of spots (inspecting the cups was a bit tricky, because I didn’t remove the metal dust covers). The rubber dust covers are fine, although I don’t know how many times they’ll take being stretched off and on, they do have that sort of dusty old-rubber look to them now.