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  1. For some reason, the Google Authenticator app has in the last year or so gone from bad to worse. It has always been annoying, with no ability to search or automatically sort the list of websites, but recently it’s started going extremely slowly. It takes something like ten seconds to start, and every interaction is similarly slow. They have at least reverted the annoying feature of hiding the codes (although if it worked faster, that would’ve been a good feature).

    Anyway, enough is enough, and I’m migrating to FreeOTP+, an “enhanced fork of FreeOTP-Android providing a feature-rich 2FA authenticator”. So far, it’s brilliant. Does what it says, quickly and easily.

    Of course, Google Authenticator’s frustrations don’t end here, because there’s no easy way to migrate from one to the other. (Which is another reason to use a good open source app for this, because FreeOTP+ has multiple export and import options.) So I’m reduced to doing it site by site, in most cases having to remove 2FA from a site and re-add add it with the new app. Quite silly. I’m not doing them all at once, but will keep both apps running for a while; the sites I use most often I’ve done first.