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  • KDE (software)
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  • Category:KDE
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  • Matthias Ettrich
  • +1996-10-14T00:00:00Z
  • Konqi
  • Katie
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  • free software community
  • nonprofit organization
  • desktop environment
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  • KDE
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  • Common Desktop Environment
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  • KDE Women
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  • KDE Gear
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  • free software
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  • KDE Plasma 4
  • Trinity Desktop Environment
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  • KDE Gear
  • KDE Plasma 5
  • KDE Frameworks
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  • PeerTube
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  • C++
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  • KDE e.V.
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  • 5.112.0 (Frameworks)
  • 23.08.3 (Gear)
  • 5.27.9 (Plasma)
  • 6.0 Alpha (Plasma)
  • 24.02 Alpha (Gear)
  • 6.0 Alpha (Frameworks)

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  1. Maybe KDE isn’t that great. I’ve swapped a bunch of non-working things for different non-working things. On balance, I think I prefer this set, but it’s not all simple! Still, I’ve got the Wikimedia Commons picture of the day as my desktop, so that’s nice.

  2. I have returned to using KDE, and it’s wonderful! I can’t remember why I switched to Ubuntu, but this is reminding me of my first years with Linux and it’s terrific. (I was prompted to switch today because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to properly remap keys and have the config stick – this bug: – and everything is just so much more configurable in KDE.)