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    It’s Monday morning and I’m spelunking through OOUI code looking for some particular things to help fit OOUI into jQuery UI — it’s sort of working, and things feel like they might end up working alright. It’s fun working on old bits and bringing them up to date (although, perhaps next year this new code will be rewritten in Vue, I’m not sure). This is for the insert-link dialog in WikiEditor, a thing that I find myself using pretty often. It’s never felt as good as the link-inserter in Dokuwiki, although I can’t now remember why I think that, it’s been years since I touched Dokuwiki. Maybe not being restricted to prefix searching was part of it (did Dokuwiki search on any subpage prefix as well?).

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    There’s a terrific feeling, when working through a project, of focusing on a single part of it and making just that bit completely good. The rest of the world can disappear, and things are calm and sensible. If only all of work could be like this, more often! Because there’s many times when it feels impossible to focus enough, because there are 15 different things all needing to be thought about. I thank the gods of project management for issue-tracking systems.

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    There are currently 285 proposals in this year’s Wishlist Survey: This is more than ever before! Which is great, but there’s lots to get through (I’m reading all of them). Some are terrific, some are huge, some are simple, and they’re all a fascinating insight into how people work with Wikimedia wikis and what difficulties they feel. I’m really happy to be working on this.

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