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  1. ABC Radio Melbourne (Matilda Marozzi)

    Wikimedia Australia is calling on passionate music fans to participate in a series of “edit-a-thons” to boost the profile of Australian music on Wikipedia.

    The Record — Australian Music on Wikipedia is holding the first of four events as part of Melbourne Music week this Saturday at the Collingwood Yards.

    The idea is to train volunteers to edit or create new Wikipedia articles about the domestic music scene to increase its visibility worldwide.

    Project coordinator James Gaunt said Wikipedia was one of the most popular websites in the world.

    “Everyone is keen to get Australian musicians known, especially for international audiences,” he said.

  2. We’re reaching out to invite you and your team to participate in the #1Lib1Ref campaign on from 15 May to 6 June!

    Each year librarians around the world (and anyone else with a passion for free knowledge) take a moment out of their day to add a missing reference to articles on Wikipedia or Wikidata to improve the quality of content of the Wikimedia platforms we all rely on.

    This year for the first time, Wikimedia Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand are joining forces to offer librarians online support to add a reference. We are holding online drop-in sessions on Tuesdays from 10AM–12PM and Thursdays from 12PM-2PM AEST during the campaign where you can learn to add a reference and find out a bit more about how Wikipedia works! There’s no need to sign up, just drop in. The full details are here:

    Hope you can join us!

  3. The Wikimedia Australia AGM was yesterday, and I’m signed up for another 12 months of being the tech nerd on the Committee, running the wikis and whatnot. I quite like doing it, although I’m not always very good at keeping up to date with everything — it’s nice to run a MediaWiki installation outside of the WMF world, just to have a feel of what it’s like and what annoyances are felt. I’m going to try to improve things this year (better mobile view; stats reporting maybe; and generally keeping everyone up to date with things).

  4. Robert Myers