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Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q47307: genealogystudy of families and the tracing of their lineages and history
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    I've been attempting to add links from ArchivesWiki to WikiTree and FamilySearch, as the two biggest "unified family tree" sites. I prefer the former, as it's at least somewhat an open community-driven site (although it's actually privately owned and not open-source), but it seems good to have as many links between datasets as possible. My main idea is to try to notify other researchers of the information that I'm putting online; that's had reasonable success so far, but I'd like to try to do more of it.

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    One hundred years ago this morning:

    Sudden Death.—Whilst working on the Fremantle wharf this morning, Michael Bowman was taken ill suddenly, and was conveyed to the Fremantle hospital in the ambulance where he died an hour after being admitted. Later Dr. Williams certified that death was due to natural causes. The deceased was a widower and had two sons, whose whereabouts are unknown.

    1921 Personal, The Daily News, 29 August, p.6, see also

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    Kathleen Munday

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    Ralph just before the war (detail of larger photo)

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