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    The Leeman Monument

    First European here: Abraham Leeman, 1658.

    The first European known to have landed on Rottnest was Abraham Leeman van Santwits on 19 March 1658 with about 13 shipโ€™s boat crew from the Dutch vessel Waeckende Boey.

    Leeman explored and mapped Rottnest while the skipper Samuel Volkersen careened his ship at sea about 2 miles (3Km) NW of Bathhurst Point.

    They had sailed from Java to search for survivors of the Vergulde Draeck (Guilt Dragon) that was wrecked 47 miles (80Km) NNW of here on 28 April 1656. The 1658 charts and documents, and an explanation of the events, are recorded in the book โ€œMaroonedโ€ by James Henderson, 1982.

    This monument was erected by the Rottnest Island Board to promote Rottnest and Australian history, and was officially unveiled by Mrs. P.M. Barblett on 31st January 1983.

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    Shire of Toodyay Library Extensions

    Officially opened on 24 March 2010 by Hon Grant Woodhams MP Member for Moore

    Brian Klopper (Architect) Peter Johnston (Builder) Sean Byron (Electrical Consultant) Chris Firns (Sire President) Graham Merrick (Cheif Executive Officer)

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    Prospect Villa

    Built 1855 by James Chapman, a pioneer of the Busselton District

    Classified by National Trust of W.A.