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T868: South Terrace

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q7568626: South Terraceroad in Fremantle, Western Australia
instance of
  • street
  • Australia
located in the administrative territorial entity
  • City of Fremantle
KML file
  • Template:Attached KML/South Terrace, Fremantle
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  • South Terrace, Fremantle
coordinate location
  • 115.752403°, -32.063421°
connects with
  • Market Street
  • Collie Street
  • Henderson Street
  • Essex Street
  • Wray Avenue
  • Douro Road
  • Norfolk Street

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  1. I’m at Roasting Warehouse, with a vast coffee and a small lamington. There’s lots to be said for being alone at a long table in a nice café, especially on a chilly morning like this (although, the sun has come out now). I’m working on the OCR widget for Wikisource.

  2. The file that is attached to this post.

    The newsagent next to the Capri moved across the street, and this is it before all the signs had been taken down in the old spot. I heard at a Fremantle Society function once that it was established by Nunzio Gumino in about 1980, because he and his mates wanted to be able to buy a newspaper to read with the coffee that they were now making in their new cafe (old papas).