I stopped at the shop and got milk, so had to hurry back with it. Otherwise I would jave tried to get some photos of the building works that are going on at the hotel. Or had a beer. Or both.

I got back and went for the most refreshing swim. It’s hardly a hot day, but four hours of walking made it pretry easy to throw myself in with no hesitating.

Cycle to Perth

I cycled to Perth yesterday, mainly as a way to stop thinking about things. I didn’t really think there would be any OSM mapping to be done on such a popular route, and there wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for the roadworks along the freeway

End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks
End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks (2019-08-17)

which forced me to cross over the overpass and ride through the streets of South Perth. The official detour ended and I could have crossed back, but I carried on… through non-cyclepaths and large detours around intersections.

Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth
Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth (2019-08-17)

I looked at the map, and it did actually look like there was a whole path along the golf course that wasn’t on the map, but actually it was added a month ago and OSMand hasn’t updated yet.

But it was interesting to see the new timber shingles being put on the Old Mill.

New shingles being installed on the Old Mill, South Perth. — 2019-08-17 The Old Mill, roof renovations 1.jpg (17 August 2019, 13:47:05) by Samwilson, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Fremantle Bowling Club

I tried to write about last night at the bowling club, but the WordPress app ate my words without saving a draft. I’d had too much beer (and then mulled wine) for the words to have been any good anyway, so no matter.

I’ve started uploading a few photos to Commons, firstly of the Substation building:

The 1932 electrcity substation in Parry Street, Fremantle. — Fremantle Substation 06.jpg (12 July 2019, 16:16:42) by Sam Wilson, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

And then of the bowling club.

English: The old Fremantle Bowling Club, built c.1950s, shortly before its demolition in 2019.

2019-07-12 1701 Fremantle Bowling Club stage.jpg (12 July 2019, 17:01:04
) by Sam Wilson
, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

It’s not a particularly interesting building, and none of the members I spoke to seemed very worried at its demise. The new clubhouse will be bigger and better and generally sounds more exciting.

It was lovely hanging out with the people there, and hearing their stories about the history of the club.

English: Last drinks at the club house: the old Fremantle Bowling Club building, built c.1950s, shortly before its demolition in 2019.

2019-07-12 1726 Fremantle Bowling Club.jpg (12 July 2019, 17:26:04
) by User:Samwilson/photography
, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

What LGA is it in?

I’ve been updating Wikidata items that are located in the administrative territorial entity of Fremantle (Q606212) because that isn’t actually an administrative territorial entity. Those items are actually in City of Fremantle (Q1455046), which is an LGA.

On which topic, I’ve also been trying to add LGA boundaries to OSM for Fremantle (relation 8617839), but haven’t finished yet.

Walking from North Freo, past CSR, to Green Reserve

We went for a walk the other day along the north bank of the river, so see what’s where and which bit is which.

Looking back towards Rocky Bay
Looking back towards Rocky Bay (2018-04-14)

The most interesting bit was the terrific adventure playground. Unfortunately I was too busy swinging on the rope swing to take any photos. It’s pretty encouraging that kids these days are still allowed to muck around with bits of wood and climb things and generally come into contact with the grubby and rough.

After that it was up and past the old CSR sugar refinery site in Mosman Park. There’s hardly any trace left of the place; it’s been completely replaced by a housing estate, but the old weighbridge deck has been kept and is embedded into the central road of the estate:

CSR memorial weighbridge
CSR memorial weighbridge (2018-04-14)

Beyond there, it was to Green Reserve, past the nice beach on the point.

The beach at Chidley Point
The beach at Chidley Point (2018-04-14)
Jetty at Green Reserve
Jetty at Green Reserve (2018-04-14): On the Swan River.

All the stations have an adventure

Today is All The Stations‘ “have an adventure” day, in which they’re asking people to visit a railway station that they’ve never been to before. When I first heard about it I figured I have to end up at somewhere boring like Aubin Grove but as it turns out I’m actually at Wikimania in Montreal! So it’s rather easy to find a station to which I’ve never been; in fact, with the assistance of a friend, I have today been to seven new stations.


All the stations have an adventure
All the stations have an adventure (2017-08-12)


Square-Victoria-OACI station
Square-Victoria-OACI station (2017-08-12)

Place d’Armes (no photo).


Champ-de-Mars station
Champ-de-Mars station (2017-08-12)


Berri-UQAM station


Jean-Drapeau station


Longueuil station

And also Windsor, which isn’t actually a station any more:

Windsor station

Puerto Pollensa

Nearly time to leave Puerto Pollensa, heading to Palma (via Lluc). Heading into the grey day, that is. So much sun and warmth the last few days, and now it’s looking to be a bit drizzly. Actually, I’m quite happy; it’s much nicer walking in this sort of weather.

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”39.899,3.065″ zoom=”12″ width=”100%” height=”300″ ]

The view from Apartmentos Don Miguel