WMAU conference

Heading to the airport soon, to fly to Sydney for the WMAU Community Conference. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and finding out more about what’s going on around the country. It’s pretty rare that we all get together — it’s never happened since I’ve been involved in Wikimedia stuff. Australia’s a bit too big, really.

More Hall documents

Yesterday I received from my dad the following copies of transcripts:

Market Bar

I had a drink at the new Market Bar yesterday afternoon (note the singular ‘Market’, this isn’t the “markets’ bar”). It’s really nice. Very neat and tidy and they’ve kept lots of things from the old location (or at least built them to look that way). Good live music, a step above the pub-song buskers of before.

“giving men a voice”?!

What a joke!

Some 150 or so protesters eventually assembled on the forecourt of the SBS building where they were welcomed by veteran anti-Muslim agitator Avi Yemini, a habitual associate of Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson and other luminaries of the local fascist right.

“We are going to show the Victorian socialist state that there is still hope,” Yemeni said. He led the crowd in a chant of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi”, before explaining that he wasn’t interested in hating women.

“I bloody love women,” he said. “This is about empowering men, about giving men a voice.”

Later, the marchers heard from veteran men’s rights activist Robert Brockway, who complained about the cruelty of terms like “mansplaining”, “manspreading”, “manflu” and “man babies”.

‘Stop the name-calling!’: anger unites March for Men protesters by Jeff Sparrow, Sun 26 Aug 2018 11.45 AEST

Vote with sausage; help the P&Cs

One makes enemies for life when one ignores the North Fremantle community, so I’d better give a plug for the catering at the North Freo Primary School at Saturday’s FEDERAL BI-ELECTION DAY, after I did the same for the Freo Primary School. It’s not a competition, so people in those areas please supports the P&C of these schools, and others such as the Beacy Primary, close to where I live! Vote for Labor’s Josh Wilson. He is a good bloke!


That makes five Democracy Sausage booths for the Freo election (I just submitted the missing North Freo one). I don’t know if Beaconsfield Primary is having one.

A grand Australian tradition.

Morning joy

I love the morning time, while the brain is still sharp enough to focus on one thing and get it done, but dull enough not to remember the other things and derail everything with panic about there being too much to do. The morning is when the world properly exists, and is broad and friendly.