Hullo! This is my personal website.

First and foremost, it’s a place for me to store information. My personal memex, if you will, or general everything bucket. I don’t keep it as a means to show things to you, but rather as a place for me to put things. If you look at them, or copy them and take them elsewhere, then that’s your business.

I am a programmer, and a woodworker. I also write things other than code, sometimes publicly; along with that I keep track of what I’m reading. It’s recording in general, through words and photos and whatever else (and organising those recordings) that inspires me to carry on with the code, and not escape to the woods.

Email me at sam@samwilson.id.au.

Please don’t look too harshly on the poor state of this website; I am (always) in the process of redesigning it, and things are (always) in slight disarray.

What is here

  • This blog. I started it when I was at art school in Canberra in 2003, but now write more about code than wood.
  • A wiki, mostly publicly viewable and editable but with some areas for friends and family only. Email me for access.

What’s elsewhere on the web

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