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October 2020

  1. On Saturday the 31st October at 12PM we are having the first meeting of the Social Media working group. This is to choose and implement FOSS social media technologies for the use of LUV members and other FOSS people in Australia. This meeting is for programmers and sysadmins to work on setting up services and testing them. At some later time we will have a meeting to teach other people how to use them.

  2. I’m adding a new url field to Twyne’s posts. The idea is that even though a post already has its own URL, oftentimes it’s useful to include posts from other websites, and the canonical URL should be used where appropriate. I’m experimenting with making the URL the actual link: so that, for example, a posts’ link in on the homepage post-list will go directly to the other site, even though there’s a sort-of equivalent local URL for it. Also, in the RSS feed, the link will point to the external URL. Whether this is a good idea I’m not sure, but it does feel like it’ll deflect attention from the local site for posts that are really just “retweets” or placeholders for reposts.

  3. Surplus timber from the jetty was donated to the Fremantle Men’s Community Shed to be used in future woodwork projects.

    Men’s Shed Treasurer Garvin Crozier said they were delighted to get the chance to re-use the timber.

    “We’re always on the lookout for materials we can salvage, and the Harvey Beach jetty is an important part of Fremantle’s heritage,” Mr Crozier said.

  4. I’ve fixed up the firmer chisel I bought at the Men’s Shed open day a couple of weeks ago. It turns out it’s a Titan (Australian firm from Tassie), and probably made between 1945 and 1960. Someone’s written a book on the company, but I can’t find a copy anywhere.