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March 2021

  1. OSM Ireland is holding a five-day mapathon starting tomorrow (Lรก Fhรฉile Pรกdraig) and focusing on all places with โ€˜Patrickโ€™ in their name (or variants thereof).

    There are currently four Patrick-named features in Fremantle: (the church, the school, the community centre, and a small bit of road in North Freo).

  2. Perth Linux Users Group

    Do you think Raspberry Pis are a great idea, but need help getting started? Do you have a Raspberry Pi project that you would like to show to others?

    Bring your own Laptop, Pi (if you have one) & power supply; we will have power boards to plug into.

    There will be an opportunity to Learn more about the Minimagnus V2 Supercomputer, built from Raspberry Pis

    Please RSVP so we can make sure we have enough power boards etc.