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August 2021

  1. One hundred years ago this morning:

    Sudden Death.—Whilst working on the Fremantle wharf this morning, Michael Bowman was taken ill suddenly, and was conveyed to the Fremantle hospital in the ambulance where he died an hour after being admitted. Later Dr. Williams certified that death was due to natural causes. The deceased was a widower and had two sons, whose whereabouts are unknown.

    1921 Personal, The Daily News, 29 August, p.6, see also

  2. My new favourite filter in JOSM: (wikidata=*) or child(type:relation wikidata=*) (inverted). It finds everything that’s linked to Wikidata, to make it easy to find things that still need to be linked.

  3. OSM map-and-chat-hour 2021 is underway! It’s fun, talking to people while mapping.

  4. The file that is attached to this post.

    The northern front door of the Abrugiato Building in Cliff Street, Fremantle, Western Australia.