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T10: rain

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  1. The rain continues, even back in Perth. It’s good coding weather.

    I’m trying to upload photos from Yallingup, but predictably feel like fixing some of the metadata handling first, and so might not get anything uploaded today. I do like the new system though, and am looking forward to having a better way to copy select photos to Commons.

  2. It’s a rainy Monday morning in Yallingup, but not so rainy that it’s not wonderful walking along the coastal paths. I’ve been here a few times before but there are still bits left to map in OSM (even some named paths that can end up on waymarkedtrails; those always feel worth capturing). There’s also a boardwalk and steps that I’d not noticed before, so I’ll try to get them done. Mostly it’s just nice exploring in the wind and the rain. Supposedly it’ll clear in a day or so, so I shall enjoy it till then.