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  1. Restore it All Podcast (W. Curtis Preston)

    This week we talk about this exciting “new” medium for archiving data that is especially attractive to SMBs and home users. It’s an optical disc that looks like a DVD and is readable in all Blu-Ray drives, but underneath it’s something very different. If you haven’t heard of it, then you’re in luck! Thanks to Daniel Rosehill, backup anorak and friend of the show, we’re going to talk about it – and its competitors on this week’s episode! We discuss the good and bad about using all of the following for archiving: paper, SSD, disk, tape, DVD, Blu-Ray, ending with M-Disc. Learn what’s wrong with these other mediums, and what’s so great about this one in another fun episode of Restore it All!

  2. I’ve been trying to get some work done on how my website does Posse, because I want to be able to pushto other sites as easily as possible. I’ve had it working well with Wikimedia Commons for ages, and find it much quicker than othet means to get my photos uploaded there. Now I’m trying to get it sorted for Flickr, and (probably easier) for Twitter.

    The general process is to a) edit a post to satisfaction; b) open it in one of the Posse forms and change any metadata as appropriate (this doesn’t get saved locally); c) send the post to the remote site. This will upload the post and also create a local syndication record pointing to its remote URL.

    So far so good, but it’s really a post-by-post operation — I wonder if its worth figuring out a bulk cross-posting system?

    The other part of the Flickr Posse feature will be to do a bit more work on PhpFlickr hopefully including releasin a new major version (with all the deprecated code removed at last).

  3. ABC Radio Melbourne (Matilda Marozzi)

    Wikimedia Australia is calling on passionate music fans to participate in a series of “edit-a-thons” to boost the profile of Australian music on Wikipedia.

    The Record — Australian Music on Wikipedia is holding the first of four events as part of Melbourne Music week this Saturday at the Collingwood Yards.

    The idea is to train volunteers to edit or create new Wikipedia articles about the domestic music scene to increase its visibility worldwide.

    Project coordinator James Gaunt said Wikipedia was one of the most popular websites in the world.

    “Everyone is keen to get Australian musicians known, especially for international audiences,” he said.