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  4. By Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

    Maps and digital data have played crucial roles in humanitarian aid eg. disaster response. Although it is of best interest to help local communities through generating data and features on the map, humanitarian actors and mappers should take note that we are not only mapping features (houses, roads, waterways, etc), but also mapping the land, oceans, and communities who live and are stewards of that space. With this webinar, we want to examine and discuss this balance (community digital information), decolonizing open data and open mapping, and representation and power in humanitarian mapping, among others.

  5. By J.D.B..

    Maps are wonderful - and I too learnt to read OS maps when at school and can spend hours looking at them and at my large atlas. Now, in Australia, there is nothing similar. But there is an alternative now, in particular to google maps in particular which of course are not designed for walkers - Open Street Maps. I’ve just attended a map making workshop/day out here in Perth, Western Australia and have learnt how to add landmarks of all kinds to the OSM map - where steps are, benches, names of buildings, ferry landings, even special trees - cafes and their opening hours, bus stops, and everything else that makes a walk interesting and manageable. It is a kind of citizen community service! Using OSM in other countries has been really useful too - for example it showed me a useful short cut that I could use in a small town in Bulgaria, a path leading up to the castle in Kars, Turkey that avoided a busy road, and so on. When i compare OSM maps with the google equivalent, there is a huge difference as the former do integrate up to date local knowledge. Like wikipedia, the maps are made by individuals but moderated and checked by editors. And constantly updated. You can download them, so there is no problem about being online to use them. It is great fun, being able to actually add things to a map for those of us who’ve always loved maps!

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    The file that is attached to this post.

  7. By Grant Boxer.

    The file that is attached to this post.

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    Lovely morning for heading into Perth for FOSS4G SotM!

    I’ve not slept well, but my body thinks that that’s perfectly normal for a conference because I’m usually completely jet-lagged. I hope they have some of those nice tanks of conference coffee!

  9. By .

    It’s a rainy Monday morning in Yallingup, but not so rainy that it’s not wonderful walking along the coastal paths. I’ve been here a few times before but there are still bits left to map in OSM (even some named paths that can end up on waymarkedtrails; those always feel worth capturing). There’s also a boardwalk and steps that I’d not noticed before, so I’ll try to get them done. Mostly it’s just nice exploring in the wind and the rain. Supposedly it’ll clear in a day or so, so I shall enjoy it till then.

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    I worked on all the above features and a lot more behind-the-scenes cleanups, fixes and performance improvements in the last months. Now its time to let things rest a while and work on other projects. Sorry if I didn’t get around to your favourite feature. Keep the suggestions, ideas, and bug reports coming. It might take a while, but I intend to keep improving taginfo for the next 10 years, too.