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T225: Cantonment Hill

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q5034007: Cantonment Hillhill in Fremantle, Western Australia
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  • Cantonment Hill, Fremantle
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  • 115.755°, -32.0436°
  • Australia
located in the administrative territorial entity
  • Western Australia
  • City of Fremantle
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  • Category:Cantonment Hill, Fremantle
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  • hill
  • heritage site
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  • Cantonment Hill

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    Looking south at the steep side of Tuckfield Oval, with the new steps and cyclepath ramp visible.

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    The south west feature light, looking from the bridge (north) side.The wood-and-steel pedestrian railing is visible here, and the service conduit lower down. The uneven paint on the concrete is from graffiti patching.

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