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    An evening with Peter Newman — converging Fremantle stories.

    Peter Newman has been a part of the Fremantle community since 1974 and has been active in many local issues ever since, particularly saving the railway and stopping freeways through the city and suburbs. He is a Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University and is the Co-ordinating Lead Author for the UN’s IPCC on Transport. In recent years he has been recognised with an Order of Australia and the WA Scientist of the Year but Peter wants to reflect on what it has been like being a part of the Fremantle community with his family over the past decades.

  2. By Perth Linux Users Group.

    Do you think Raspberry Pis are a great idea, but need help getting started? Do you have a Raspberry Pi project that you would like to show to others?

    Bring your own Laptop, Pi (if you have one) & power supply; we will have power boards to plug into.

    There will be an opportunity to Learn more about the Minimagnus V2 Supercomputer, built from Raspberry Pis

    Please RSVP so we can make sure we have enough power boards etc.

  3. By Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

    Maps and digital data have played crucial roles in humanitarian aid eg. disaster response. Although it is of best interest to help local communities through generating data and features on the map, humanitarian actors and mappers should take note that we are not only mapping features (houses, roads, waterways, etc), but also mapping the land, oceans, and communities who live and are stewards of that space. With this webinar, we want to examine and discuss this balance (community digital information), decolonizing open data and open mapping, and representation and power in humanitarian mapping, among others.

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