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  1. Having a good pair of headphones (Sennheiser 450 BT, currently) and a cup of coffee, in a quiet office, and without the summer heat baking the windows, is today making me happy. The ABC has a new(-ish) classical radio station, and the work I’ve been doing on SVG Translate is going well (or at least not breaking).

  2. I seem to be borking around with my website. That’s the point of having a website though, isn’t it?

  3. The file that is attached to this post.

    The generator was to power the whole thing; the two doors (entrance and exit) are further along with scaffolding over each of them.

  4. I’ve been working on my first real foray into Vue in MediaWiki: a special page that lists all of the pages for which the current user has Edit Recovery data saved (T347673). It’s not something that really needs to use it at the moment (it’s just a simple list), but it’ll evolve soon and be more complicated and hopefully end up looking better.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll learn more of this and get around to helping with moving all that old stuff away from jQuery UI? (The WikiEditor link-insertion dialog comes to mind, because I use that lots). Although I do wonder if I’m doing any of it right.

  5. I’ve been writing mainly on my other sites (and other people’s sites, like, and keep forgetting that I’ve got this site here. Probably no one reads it (or any of my other ones), and I guess that’s why I’ve been neglecting it.

  6. This is a good site to point people to when trying to explain why anyone should start a blog:

    A blog is an easy way to get started writing on the web. Your voice is important: it deserves its own site. The more people add their unique perspectives to the web, the more valuable it becomes.

    Remember that your blog is yours! Your posts can contain exactly what you want them to: a sentence of text or a novel-length essay; photos and videos; audio; links and bookmarks. What you want to share is entirely up to you.

  7. I’ve got this weird little project that I’ve been working on a bit, and I keep trying to remove the ORM system. It’s not that ORMs are terrible, they’re not, they’re great sometimes. But when it comes down to it I just find it more annoying. I love looking at the database query report for any given page in the app, and knowing exactly what each is for and that each is useful. It’s just so easy to end up with lots of random look-up queries with an ORM set-up — it seems that it’s common to have a foreign key, and to not actually care about any of the attributes of the foreign record, but the ORM ends up querying for it. I don’t mean the whole “n+1 selects” problem, that’s annoying but not all that hard to avoid. It’s the extra queries that don’t really effect performance that bother me. I’d rather have a bit of a say over what’s run.