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  1. Ubuntu 20.04

    By Sam Wilson.

    I've upgraded my main laptop to the latest Ubuntu, as a complete fresh install. I try to always do this with every LTS release, because the two-year cadence of those are a good interval for doing a full test of my recovery regime. Everything went according to plan this time (as it normally has in the past), and I was back working within a couple of hours. There's a heap of messy things that I have to clean up, and reinstall, and generally tweak, but I feel like this is just forcing me to attend to housekeeping that I've put off, and not really a downside of a non-full-system restore like this.

  2. Post 5

    By Sam Wilson.

    It seems that toothpaste does work! But I've ordered a new case for my phone anyway.

  3. Post 4

    By Sam Wilson.

    Does toothpaste really remove scratches in the plastic coating on phones' camera lenses?

  4. New website system

    By Sam Wilson.

    I'm thinking of switching my website to a new system. I'm giving it a go now, but am not really sure if I'll stick with it.

    The new system is called Twyne, after Brian Twyne (I think). It's fully of rough edges and missing features, but that's okay. This is about the indieweb, after all.

    (I'd link to these things, above, but Twyne doesn't yet support links! It's idea of Markdown is pretty dodgy… it'll improve though.)

  5. A tourist's view of the Sagrada Família

    By Sam Wilson.

    The file that is attached to this post.