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    There's been too much going on lately, for me to post anything on my blog. I've got nothing to say — but that has never stopped me in the past!

    I've been working on adding 2FA to Twyne, but it's slow going because there's too much else happening. I've got all the details figured out, and it's basically working, I just need to find a day or two to get back and tidy up the patch. The rest of Twyne is going well, especially the uploading-with-duplicate-detection: it's meant I've been able to process a good 20GB of stuff in my ~/life/unsorted/ directory!

    Mostly, Wikisource OCR has been top of the list. It's pretty much done, and can be used while editing any Page namespace page on any Wikisource. See a random example here:

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    The file that is attached to this post.

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    In this episode we talk to Gavin Willshaw about using WikiSource in the Library of Scotland.

    Rebecca explains the Pokemon test and the hero of the Episode are the organisers behind the Arctic Knot conference.

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    The file that is attached to this post.

    It's called Quasi Modo's and is run by a newly-arrived Italian bloke.

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    I'm at Roasting Warehouse, with a vast coffee and a small lamington. There's lots to be said for being alone at a long table in a nice café, especially on a chilly morning like this (although, the sun has come out now). I'm working on the OCR widget for Wikisource.

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    Yeah, that does seem to work. Some rough edges to be figured out with the flow, to get the right URLs at the right time.

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    I've been ignoring Twitter for a long time now, but I sometimes wonder if I should be cross-posting from my own site.

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    I've added better pagination to Twyne post lists now. Dates were showing everything for a given month, but now if there's more than ten there's a link to page two and so on. It's the same as was already working for tags.

    Now I can get back to adding 2FA support, and then fix up the editing form's display on small screens (it's been broken since I added the Select2 auto-completion for tags).